Plan for the Future

By paying statutory contributions to a pension fund, you are not only guaranteeing yourself the right to a retirement pension but also ensuring your family's livelihood to some extent if you pass away.

Spouse's pension

A spouse's pension is paid to the spouse upon the death of the fund member. The amount of the spouse's pension depends on the rights the fund member had earned in his lifetime. A spouse is someone who, at the time of death, was married to the fund member. A spouse’s pension is also paid to a cohabiting partner, if cohabitation has been registered for at least two years.. The right to a spouse's pension is cancelled if the spouse remarries or starts a new partnership.

At the establishment of the right to a spouse’s pension, the full pension is paid for a minimumof 48 months and 50% of the amount for an additional 36 months. Spouse pension rights are 50% of the fund member's retirement or disability pension rights—whichever gives a higher right at the event of death.

Child pension is paid with the fund member’s children whom he has supported, up to the age of 19.


Apply for spouse's pension

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