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Affordable mortgages with up to 75% property collateral

What is the right loan for you?

SL pension fund grants loans against a mortgage of up to 75% on residential property owned by the borrower. You can choose between non-indexed, indexed or mixed loans. Those who have paid premiums to the mutual fund or personal pension savings are entitled to apply for loans, subject to certain conditions being met.

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Frequently asked questions

A fund member who has paid premiums for six of the last twelve months or has paid for a total of 12 months to the fund is entitled to apply for a loan.

  • A fund member must pass a credit rating check/credit assessment.
  • A residential collateral must be provided. The collateral value must not exceed 75% of the assessed market value.

  • Indexed loan with a fixed interest rate.
  • Indexed loan with variable interest rates.
  • Non-indexed loan with fixed interest for two years at a time.
  • A mix of indexed and non-indexed loans by borrower's choice, although indexed loans can be a maximum of 86.6% of the total loan amount and non-indexed loans will be 13.4% of the loan amount. If it is based on a 75% residential collateral, see lending rules.

With repayments with equal instalments, asset formation is faster at the beginning when the repayment burden is highest, but it decreases as the loan period progresses.

With equal payments (annuity), the payment burden of the loan remains the same for the duration of the loan. The repayment of principal is low at the beginning, but the payment of interest is high, although it reverses over time.

Fixed interest rates carry the same interest rate throughout the loan term.

Variable interest rates change according to the decision of the fund's board at any given time.

The principal of a non-indexed loan does not change in relation to the consumer price index, and non-indexed interest rates are therefore higher than indexed ones. This means that wealth formation will be faster as the principal is independent of inflation. In the same way, interest rate decisions can influence the increase or decrease of the debt burden. You can choose a loan with equal instalments or equal payments (annuity). The maximum mortgage collateral on non-indexed loans is 75%.

The principal of an indexed loan is linked to the consumer price index, and the principal must therefore be adjusted for value before regular instalments and interests are calculated. Indexed loans have either fixed or variable interest rates. You can choose a loan with equal instalments or equal payments (annuity). The maximum mortgage collateral on indexed loans is 65%. You can add a non-indexed loan so that the mortgage collateral goes up to 75%.

You can always pay off or make a deposit on a loan from the fund without paying a prepayment penalty.

A loan with a variable interest rate can be changed to a fixed interest rate at any time during the loan period; however, there is an administrating fee for such a change, see fee schedule.

SL pension fund offers favourable loan terms. See information on the borrowing fee, as well as the fee that must be paid for a credit rating check/credit assessment in the fee schedule.

The possible loan term is 5-40 years at the borrower's choice.

The borrower can dispose of a loan as needed if the conditions of the loan rules are met.

The processing time is usually about two to four weeks.

See the documents that must be submitted with the loan application and payment assessment for instructions.