What is the right loan for you?

SL pension fund grants loans against a mortgage of up to 75% on residential property owned by the borrower. You can choose between non-indexed, indexed or mixed loans. Those who have paid premiums to the mutual fund or personal pension savings are entitled to apply for loans, subject to certain conditions being met.

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Retirement pension fund

A retirement pension lays the foundation for your later years so that you can enjoy life after retirement. The general right to a pension starts at the age of 67, and, by joining SL pension fund, you earn the right to a lifelong pension at retirement in proportion to your payment to the fund.

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Personal pension savings

In a personal pension savings scheme, you have the option of voluntarily contributing to additional pension savings, which is your personal property. Employees can pay up to 4% of their total salary into a private property fund, and they usually receive a 2% counter-contribution from the employer.

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Mortgage loans

What type of loan suits you?

SL Pension fund offers favourable interest rates on all loans, whether they are non-indexed, indexed or mixed type of loans.

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